Empty Epitaph #2

Ole Henricksen Truth Eye Peel


Dry and flaky undereyes

were a new problem for me.

This tiny yet expensive tube,

with a fancy name I didn’t know

was a gift from family.


An eye gel packed with vitamin c,

algae, rice bran protein, AHA’s too.

Rejuvenate, brighten,

enhance, circulate.

“Truth” seemed too good to be true.


I dabbed it on carefully

both day and night.

The dry patches faded

but otherwise my skin

stayed just the same, just all right.


My dark circles stayed,

and then I started to wonder.

Were my eyes actually dry

or was it concealer ill-applied,

ill-removed? A rookie girl’s blunder.


No changes still, for better or worse,

yet diligently I finished the tube.

I’m certain now

that the dryness was my fault,

And unsurprised that Ole’s “truth” is discontinued

Empty Epitaph #1

Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum

As a generous sample into my life you fell,

earthy packaging, a matte smooth tube,

A gentle and unobtrusive smell.


Fermented soybeans and wrinkle prevention

A few of your own highlights

After toner a nickel-sized squeeze of your serum

I patted in both mornings and nights


You made my skin feel soft, more smooth

And although the feeling didn’t stay,

My face felt fresh and hydrated

25 mL stretched about 40 days.


You did not irritate my dry, sensitive skin,

For that I say thanks,

but I don’t think I’ll see you again.